Quality in production with high pressure fog systems

In order to ensure efficient and accurate production on behalf of many different sectors, especially agriculture and industrial areas, the use of fog nozzle systems is of great importance. With the right plan, R & D studies will be carried out within the s[...]

Efficient Solution in Animal Cooling System

Just like humans, animals also have a great difficulty in the temperature and humidity that exceeds normal. Moreover, because the bodies of fattened animals are much more sensitive than humans, they may be in danger of being wasted soon. As they do not have an[...]

High Efficiency Pressure Fog Systems

It is possible to say that there is a different humidity and temperature balance for the production lines in each sector. Accurate capture of this balance enables the desired quota to be exceeded and the efficiency to be increased. For this reason, it is of gr[...]

pressurized fog systems in industrial uses

The main task of the fog nozzle systems used in production lines for industrial areas is the cooling of the environment to the desired level. In such applications, fog systems spread water droplets equal to high pressure at every point of the product[...]

Fog Systems for Animal Cooling Areas

            Animals may have difficulty in dealing with certain temperatures, especially in closed areas. Moreover, each animal has different structures in order to live at different temperatures. The fog nozzle systems, which are[...]