What is the Role of Fog Systems on Greenhouse Climate

What is the Role of Fog Systems on Greenhouse Climate

Greenhouses are of great importance in order to ensure the production of all different vegetables and fruits in different regions. In this way, the supply-demand required throughout the country can be captured; As no fruits and vegetables are brought from different regions, healthy products can be consumed at a lower cost. However, in order to achieve the desired quota, it is of great importance to establish correct air conditioning in the greenhouse areas.

  In recent years, greenhouse humidification products have been widely used due to their energy saving and low cost. Sera reach the desired level of moisture and temperature equilibrium in the fields of high-pressure mist systems utilize Turkey's densely in other areas. These systems, which provide efficient, economical and completely natural vegetable and fruit cultivation, create an equal balance in every environment with their special technological structure.

  Greenhouse Humidification System for Greenhouse Areas

  Production is of great importance every year to keep up with the growing population potential across the country. Especially in terms of vegetable and fruit production, greenhouse areas provide the opportunity to achieve the supply-demand balance of the required product during all seasons. Today's system that will create this balance is the greenhouse humidification technology.

  Best adapted to seasonal conditions; This system, which captures the balance of temperature and humidity, provides the opportunity to grow fully organic, high amounts of healthy and natural products. Providing solution oriented working principle to increase production values, the system offers special advantages in every subject with its new generation technology. Therefore, adhering to national standards worldwide; greenhouse areas in different countries.

  High Pressure Fog Systems for Greenhouse Areas

  Greenhouse humidification systems come into prominence in order to provide high quality production of all kinds of vegetables and fruits. The system, which operates by evaporation of water droplets by spraying, allows a rapid capture of the balance of temperature and humidity.

 - Humidification

 - Increase germination and reproduction

 - Special cooling effect

 - Minimizing water consumption

 - Providing more light receiving capacity

 - Opportunity to accelerate the growth of plants

 Thanks to many other such effects, it creates the desired environment in greenhouse areas. It also reduces costs and provides savings. Thus, annual fruit and vegetable production can be realized through higher quota.

  High Quality And Special Technological System Greenhouse Air Conditioning Products

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  This system has carried out the creative design and production engineering, in different regions of Turkey can safely use for all greenhouses. We are serving you on the basis of the mutual trust that we create in a sensitive manner to human and environment. Thus, you can get after-sales service in our company whenever you want. You can contact us immediately for our products that create a long-lasting, economic, efficient and healthy environment.