What Is The Fog System For?

What Is The Fog System For?

Regardless of the sector, ventilation and air conditioning systems are of great importance today. In order to complete the production in a healthier process, a healthy area should be created. In other words, against external conditions, the production area must always be under the desired environmental conditions. The fog system, which comes into play at this point, has become of great importance worldwide in recent years.

  This structure, which makes the air conditioning and ventilation systems of the production areas more effective, has a very different operating system compared to other systems. This makes the area healthier and better quality production, and provides an important opportunity in terms of cost.

  Fog System Usage Areas

  Fog system is used for many different purposes.

  Greenhouse areas

 Animal cooling areas

 - Mushroom production

 - Industrial use

 - Textile and paper processing

 - Odor control

 - Dust suppression

 - Special effects

 - Open air cooling

  High pressure fog systems, which are evaluated jointly for all these areas of use, reach every point of the area with special installation. Thus, the area reaches a much healthier production point through an effective humidification and cooling system.

  Fog System Advantages

  High pressure fog systems come to the fore with many different advantages. It has an important potential to lower costs from the very beginning and to create a healthy education area. In this direction, both the employees are protected and the products can be produced in a higher quality and faster. In addition to providing an efficient and economical structure, it also has a long-lasting use potential. For this reason, high pressure fog systems provide much more rational solution methods compared to other systems.

  Fog System Working Principle

  With its special working principle, the fog system is one step ahead compared to other systems. The system, which is implemented by the spraying method, allows the droplets to be spread equally to each point. These droplets evaporate in the air, bringing the desired heat balance to the environment. Thus, with professional humidification and cooling, the area is brought to the desired weather conditions. This provides a healthy and safe production opportunity for products for both agriculture and industrial and factory areas.

  Fog System with Professional Service Concept

  The fog system types produced by adhering to international quality standards are specially prepared depending on the sector. At the same time, a corporate support is provided from the production line to the moment of transportation and assembly. High pressure fog systems, which are prepared with creative design and engineering on the basis of sustainability studies, can be used in every production area. It can be used not only for production but also for cooling or for different purposes in daily life. The fog system offers a safe use potential for many years, in line with the work done with a professional understanding on scale and manufacturing and installation.