What is Fog System?

What is Fog System?

In our country, where agriculture is decreasing gradually and therefore the need for the number of people engaged in agriculture has increased, convenience has been provided to people engaged in agriculture. Systems have been established to provide the necessary conditions for plants in the most natural conditions. Efforts are underway to further develop these systems today. The most known system is a fog system.

  What is the Fog System and How Does It Work?

  The fogging system, which has effects such as soil irrigation or air humidification, is a highly developed method. It is generally used in greenhouse interiors. Its purpose of the use is to cool the environment. There are some special values ​​for plants to grow and grow in a healthy way. These are factors such as the temperature of the environment and the temperature of the plant's own leaf. In some cases, the ventilation of the greenhouse may be insufficient. The growth of the plant slows down and its elongation may stop. When such a situation occurs, you can use the fog system method.

  The fog system method can reduce the temperature inside the greenhouse up to 10 degrees. Thanks to this lowered temperature, the leaves of the plants are covered with a thin layer of water. In this way, water takes the energy required to evaporate from the plant surface.

  Where Can Fog System Be Used?

  The fog system does not only benefit by affecting the temperature in the environment. Recently, hygiene has become the most important thing due to covid-19. The environment is disinfected thanks to the fog system. It can be used not only in greenhouse environments but also in grocery stores, meat and fish aisles. The fog system can be used for animal cooling. Especially if animals are travelling to another city, they should be protected from hot weather in order not to be harmed.

  The fog system is also frequently used in mushroom production. It ensures the production of high-quality mushrooms by providing the necessary humidity and temperature. It can also be used to suppress village odours in large factories or various industrial establishments to remove unwanted odours. A fog system can also be used in restaurants and cafes to ensure customer satisfaction on hot summer days.

  Benefits of the Fog System

  The fog system provides the cooling process briefly as described above. The use of fogging systems in the greenhouse reduces the greenhouse effect. It also reduces the use of medication to a certain extent. In this way, the growing season extends over long months. By minimizing the water loss in the soil, there is an increase in the number of plants falling into the area.  The most common occurrence in mushroom production is mould. Thanks to the fog system, mould formation is prevented because the air inside is constantly changing with the outside air. The most beneficial situation created by the fog system is that whatever you grow, it benefits the growth of the plant and there is a noticeable speed.


 Fog Effects

  Fog effects can also be created thanks to the fog system method. You may encounter this situation in some cafes and restaurants to cool off. It can be used in various buildings with its renewed design. Landscape architects, various designers or professionals working with water can often use this method. Striking designs and special effects can be created thanks to fog effects. In special conditions, if needed, fog effects can make the design more magnificent.