Fog System And Functions

Fog System And Functions

Humidity and temperature parameters in the greenhouse are factors that need to be adjusted well. These parameters can be controlled with some systems.

  What is Fog System?

  The issue of obtaining quality products by growing plants at high standards; It is associated with heating or ventilation systems. "Fog System", which means fog system, is a functional system; it is preferred quite frequently in this area. Even in the Fog System Africa regions; It allows the internal temperature of the greenhouse to decrease to 25 degrees. This system is also; it is an inevitable system for the plant to grow under ideal humidity conditions.  Microclimate factors developed in recent years have been used with advanced technology for heating and ventilation systems. These systems are; It provides the ideal growth of plants in extreme temperatures in summer and the moisture balance needed for photosynthesis.

  Fog System Features

  With the Fog System; The sera thermal balance is ensured by the fog system. The humidity in the greenhouse is also balanced. In addition to reducing the greenhouse effect and minimizing drug use, the growing season is also prolonged. The existing water loss in the soil decreases and the potential for the number of plants per square meter increases. The air in the greenhouse changes regularly. As a result, due to excessive moisture; Measures against fungi and mold are also taken.

  Visible Advantages of the Fog System

  The most advantageous state of the system is, of course; the increase in plant viability and growth. Thus, in products; It is aimed to be delivered to the customers without any damage or loss of value. In order to prevent the consequences caused by drying and deformation of foods, it is necessary to decrease the ambient temperature. However, creating humid environments is also very important. These processes ensure that the products remain intact. Fog System can be used in vegetable, fruit, meat and fish departments in the markets. It is used for greenhouse humidification and greenhouse humidification processes of subtropical and tropical agricultural products. In the greenhouses, the moisture requirement of the plant; should be met in optimum order. Fog Systems are perfect for this and to prepare the ground for such conditions to be created. It is preferred in many different production branches. The fog system also; It can be used in wine facilities, egg and chicken production, cold stores, fattening, tobacco storage and processing plants.

  Why High Pressure Fog Systems are Preferred?

  Fog system and high pressure fogging systems are extremely important requirements today. The common purpose of these systems is to increase the humidity in the environment. Its use in greenhouses is increasing day by day. The high pressure Fog System is designed to provide ideal cooling and dry fogging opportunities in greenhouses or similar environments.

  High pressure fog systems;

 - Creation of germination chambers

 - Providing the required environment in large facilities that should have a controlled atmosphere.

 - Creating high relative humidity in nurseries

 - Applications in vaccine rooms and farms

 - Using the best performing evaporator conditioning; where air cooling facilities are required, it is effective in creating the necessary conditions. Due to all these reasons, high pressure systems are often preferred and used.