Fog System

Fog System

Fog systems are widely used in greenhouses. In short, fogging systems, known as humidification and fogging systems, are very useful and an important agricultural activity tool among plants. With the replacement of traditional agriculture with modern agriculture, increasing productivity is seen as the primary goal. For this reason, humidification and irrigation should be placed on a modern ground with fog systems as well as classical methods.

  What are Fog Systems?

  The irrigation systems are known as fogging and the fogging, which balances the humidity in the environment with this fog, are a means of providing the moisture that plants need. Fog systems are also a system that eliminates odour and reduces dust in the environment. With this feature, it is highly preferred in greenhouses.

  How Does Fog Systems Work?

  The fog system, which is applied in two ways as high pressure and low pressure, is a system that is placed using chrome (stainless) pipes and nozzles. High-pressure systems work by sprinkling water residues on plants with the application of high pressure. This water is applied so small that it does not leave water residue on the plants. Thus, no water accumulates on the roots and leaves of the plants. The absence of this accumulation prevents the plants from taking in more water than necessary. Although this is one of the most curious issues about systems, fog system is a tool that does not affect irrigation systems. Time is very important in agricultural processes. Fog system promises a significant time saving to its users in this area.


 What are the Benefits of FOG Systems?


 Fog systems have very important tasks in the agricultural field. Systems that are used very effectively in greenhouse activities, especially in indoor greenhouse activities, are very effective in greenhouse humidification, cooling and cleaning of harmful dust or parasites adhering to the plants. For the targeted production efficiency, the fog system has become one of the agricultural tools that are now mandatory. Fog systems, which are also used in animal husbandry, provide a comfortable environment by keeping the temperature balance at a certain level in the environments where animals are kept. Systems that are particularly effective in mushroom production play an important role in balancing humidity and temperature. It also helps to produce efficient products. In addition, the fog system provides a great deal of savings in water consumption and energy efficiency.


 What is the Importance of Greenhouse Humidification?


 The moisture supply of fog systems closes a large gap in greenhouses. Therefore, humidification of greenhouses helps fruit and vegetables to grow efficiently. In addition to being helpful, it is seen as necessary for the development of plants that require more moisture. All operations (irrigation, seeding, cleaning) can be done by natural or traditional methods. However, it is not a permanent and easy method to provide humidification with external intervention. Agricultural systems must be used and it is necessary where climatic characteristics vary. Humidification in livestock is also of great importance, especially for barn animals to be raised in a comfortable environment and to be productive.